When meal-time minutes count.

Have you ever wished you had a few extra seconds to get the family organized for breakfast, lunch or dinner? Perhaps your child’s tablet case is broken. Maybe the tablet’s batteries died. Have you given them your phone to use for a few minutes to keep them occupied? The Media Mat is your go-to time, mess and tantrum-saver.

Media Mat with Book

Our custom-designed, patent-pending silicone placemat has a built in stand so your child can lean a phone, tablet, book or activity board against it to free up their (and your) hands. No more leaning a phone or tablet up against something on the table so they can free their hands to eat.

Our placemat comes with two, built-in food cups to hold snacks, meals or other items like crayons.

The Media Mat is perfect for going out to eat. Just pull out the mat and seat your child at the table to draw their attention into what’s on the mat – and not squirming away from their chair, high-chair or booster.

The Media Mat is dishwasher safe. Simply toss it into the next load of dishes and store it away in a bag or the cupboard for the next use.

After a meal or snack simply wipe it down and store it away until you can get it back for a wash in the sink or dishwasher.

The flexible silicone allows you to roll up the mat and fit it in a big purse, backpack or child bag.

Save your time. Save your sanity. Media Mat is here to help!

Media Mat Charcoal